Monday, March 21, 2005

When The War Music Stops


A day will come when this crazed war music will stop, and the American people will hear the judgment that the Germans heard at Nuremberg— that, in Justice Robert Jackson’s words, they had supported a regime which had committed “acts which have been regarded as criminal since the time of Cain.”
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It is sad so many right-wingers are dumbed down by stupid rhetoric from stupid people who claim the oxymoronic title of conservative intellectual.

I think, wryly, that the Germans, too, were thus driven mad by Hitler’s propaganda lies. At Nuremberg, not the least of the Nazi crimes under indictment were the crimes perpetrated against the German people’s conscience by driving them insane with lies—crimes that in the view of the American prosecutors were perhaps the most serious of all. Hans Fritzsche, a senior official in Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda and Folk Enlightenment, answered thus when interrogated at Nuremberg on whether his office had manufactured hatred against the people of the USSR in order to make the Soviet Union a German colony: “Yes. I organized German propaganda in such a way as to inflame hatred of the German people . . . for the people of the USSR.”

An excellent example of the Rovian propaganda machine. This entire article is a well written piece and, illustrates clearly the mind-fucking of the idiots of the right-wing. My only hope is....they receive the same punishment that the German criminals did.

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At 3/22/2005 9:43 AM , Blogger brandong said...

Oddly enough I covered some of the propaganda issues in a post about our wonderful, corporate - owned media. I thought about copying and pasting the whole thing and bringing it over as a comment, but decided against it. Instead I willl only say this. The last time we saw this kind of abuse of the media was during the build up to Germany's invasion of Poland. It was a nightmare world in which yu had the German press talking about Polish aggression and Polish atrocities while it was the Germasn who had been planning to invade Poland all along. And the gullible German people fell for it. Even though the rest of the world was never fooled the Germans even went so far as to dress up German officers in Polish uniforms for a staged attack on a German radio station, thus providing the excuse for the launching of World War II. The similarities between the Hitler Regime and this Regime are truly frightening. For those who are interested my piece on Young liberals is titled "Media Conglomeration and Propaganda Part 1.

Again, Patriot, thanks for the insightful comments. Well done in every way.

Brandon A. Geraghty


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