Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pushing the Backlash and Exposing Hypocrisy

Some reports say there could be a backlash on the chimp because of his hypocritical grandstanding on the Schiavo issue. We, as liberal bloggers, need to make damn sure that a backlash occurs.

In the clear political maneuvering of the Schiavo issue, House republicans used a woman as a pawn to push their psuedo-morality smokescreen but, with little effect. Even the wackos on the christian right saw through the smoke and overwhelmingly agreed that the government should not interject itself into the personal affair. The religious people got a first-hand look into what the true republican party is about; intrusion into personal affairs, the use of disabled people as props for their commercialization and blatant waste of taxpayer revenue to push clearly illegitimate policy.

Another important point of the Schiavo charade, to House republicans, was the diversion away from the House majority leader, Tom Delay. Delay pushed the Schiavo issue with the help of the chimp and his gang of cowards in an attempt to strengthen his image in the face of major criminal investigations into campaign finance law violations.

Another blatant and immoral act was that of Senate majority leader Bill Frist. Frist, another despicable republican, tried to interject his medical opinion about Terri Schiavo after watching a short video of her. Not only is that a sign of a quack, Frist's actions in the government are deserving of skepticism due to his use of conjecture and, Frist should be the poster boy of why medical malpractice tort reform should not be changed. Frist's medical opinion would be akin to a proctologist advising a neurologist about brain surgery.

The hypocrisy is the main issue that we, as bloggers, must expose to the public. The hypocrisy, although just another example of the right-wing agenda, is the Texas Futile Care Law, which was signed into law by none other that the chimp himself in 1999. This law, in keeping to promises made to corporations, has a provision for ending life support if the patient can no longer meet financial obligations as, a determining criteria.

For whatever it is worth, Americans are beginning to see through the charade of the criminal enterprise occupying the American government. Send the message forth that no longer will we, as Americans, sit idly by and watch the actions of cowards.


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